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MoGraph - всестороннее введение в Maxwell Render для Cinema 4D

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MoGraph - всестороннее введение в Maxwell Render для Cinema 4D

В этой серии учебных пособий, продолжительностью более 8 часов и 20 минут вы узнаете всестороннее введение в том , как использовать Maxwell Render для Cinema 4D.

Maxwell Render is an unbiased 3D renderer for making photo reallistic images, the good thing about Maxwell Render is that it is really straight forward, it just works.

Lights, cameras, materials, they are all real world and correct, what amazes Mograph Plus the most about Maxwell is the fact that there are very few technical concepts and rendering photoreallistic images couldn’t be easier.
We start the course by laying down bunch of rules that are going to be extremely essential when working with maxwell.
Than I show you where to find different Maxwell tools and functions inside Cinema 4d , and walk you through the general workflow to get your job down with maxwell inside Cinema 4d .
The entire next two section of the course will be dedicated to discover Maxwell Material , first we learn what each and every parameter does in this powerful system then we learn how to use Maxwell Material to create real world materials like plastics , woods , metals , transparent objects , fabrics and much more …
I’ve worked with different render engines and I can tell you the way maxwell handles creating materials is exceptional and you can create the most complex materials using this system.
Then we start learning about emitters and environment lighting , we walk you through differnt types of emitters like Area emitter , spot emitter and IES emitter , after that we discover different types of environment lighting , including sky dome . physical sky and image based lighting .
And … multilight feature , this buddy has literally blew me away . using Multilight feature you can adjust every bit of your lighting during or after your render . so if you want to change the intensity or the color of your light after your render has finished you can simply do that using multilight .
Next we learn about cameras in maxwell , the camera in maxwell was built to resemble real world cameras in every aspect , we learn about exposure value , ISO , F-stop , shutter speed , depth d field , motion blur , lens and apreture , white balance and much more .
Then we learn differnt render options in Maxwell , we learn how to use FIRE to interactively preview our scene , how to export still frames and animations , we cover channels and multi-pass rendering in depth . we learn about extra sampling that allows you to focus your resources on specific parts of your render .
In the final section of this course we discover some of the MAXWELL objects and tags including instancing in maxwell , MXS refrence , maxwell sea, maxwell mesher , hair and grass tags , particle and volumetric tags .
Eventhough this course has cinema 4d users in mind but other users can also greatly benefit from it
Maxwell is great , solid , high-end and very straigh-forward and easy to use
So … Let’s start learning Maxwell .

MoGraph - всестороннее введение в Maxwell Render для Cinema 4D MoGraph - всестороннее введение в Maxwell Render для Cinema 4D MoGraph - всестороннее введение в Maxwell Render для Cinema 4D

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